Do you ever feel like you're screaming,
But not sure if you are only dreaming?
Because nobody seems to hear or see,
When all you do is to beg and plead.

You want somebody to look over at you,
But nobody even seems to move,
It's like you're transparent and don't exist,
And so the knife takes another twist.

You feel so lonely like nobody cares,
In a full room of people you feel like the only one there,
Screaming, crying, but your efforts stay still,
You feel like nobody cares, and never will.

It's like you're meaningless and do not belong,
And there is absolutely nothing to prove you wrong,
Nobody looks in your direction,
Nobody offers even the slightest affection.

Would they see me get up and leave?
In my absense would they even grieve?
Or would like in my presence, they not even glance,
To notice a gap where I sat once?

Sometimes loneliness is the loudest sound,
But nobody close to you hears a sound,
And you wonder why you are even here,
To be close to those who don't even know you're near.

Vicki Wroe, 27 (c)

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