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What would it be?

In faith

Danced for peace

When we call out

We adore

Jesus said..,.,.

Out of that pit

His tears


Dear Jesus

As i sit

Now they have all gone

Come quickly

Wonderful Saviour

The blessed tree

For in Jesus!

This Christmas time

How can you see

As a child

They come like Catholics

War Ain't Right

Injustices of despair

The glorifed pedophile

A little Bird

The Sun went away

To the man with the flowers in his hand

I know you

My dear Mum

Oh dear John

Peace of a revolution


Oh my love

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I have met mother haw too
I have seen the crying rain
I have seen how lusifer tricks
And the sunshine too in vain

Many mourn because of her
Like the thunder and rain
Then its like no other time
When will the world be the same

I have seen the locusts coming
When the sun beats down
I have seen many faces
Looking for peace all around

Jesus takes many
But few chosen is true
Take Jesus you will have peace
And He will taketh you...

Michelle Lee Bevan

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When the roses are blue



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