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I am always thanking God,
The Father of our Lord;
So I will honor and laud,
Since He is loved and adored.
I thank God for I have heard,
Of your faith in Jesus Christ;
And of your love in His Word,
Why He had been sacrificed.
You have this because of hope,
That is kept safe in Heaven;
And how through this life you cope,
For the salvation given.
Some time ago you had heard,
Of this hope through the Gospel;
A true message from the Word,
That needs to reach the people.
This Good News is here with you,
And is producing results;
Although others may construe,
Otherwise throwing insults.
Spread it all over the earth,
Spread it as heard since day one;
Because of its priceless worth,
On the Father and the Son.
At that time you came to know,
The kindness of God does mean;
Construed so that you can show,
Faith grows from what is not seen.
You are trustworthy for Christ,
Having love for the Spirit;
No longer getting enticed,
Displayed within your merit.
I can never stop praying,
Through every night and day;
That you keep on obeying,
Never again go astray.
I am asking God to fill,
With the spiritual wisdom;
And the insight to instill,
For the heavenly Kingdom.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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