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A Story Within A Chapter Part Three

It takes a minute
for the music to load

Have you ever heard the saying
You see only
What you want to see?

Well guess what my friends
It seems
That this very thing
Happened to me.

I wanted my family back together.
I saw only what my heart
Wanted my eyes to see.

I promise
I will not draw this out forever
As we now move into
What remains to be seen.

A little bit of advice
From a friend . . . .

NEVER give away your money
If there is the slightest doubt.
In the cold hard light of morning
You may find . . .

Your dream turned inside out!

A Story Within A Chapter
Part Three

I met the owner of
'The Barn'
Just as he had requested
At the neighborhood Diner
In the town of Prescott Arizona
That very cold December morning

I could hardly wait
For Hersh to make his usual call
To tell him that I rented
A place for us to live

I signed the lease ... Got the keys
And left after a cup of coffee
With a song in my heart

I headed out to have
The utilities turned on with
The last few dolars
We had left to our name

Address please . . . .
Why the strange look I wondered?

Mrs. Gay
You do know that this address
Is notorious
For high utility bills

There has been no one live
In this house
For over three years

Please tell me
This is just an inquirey
And you have not already
Rented this place

The song in my heart
Suddenly disappeared
As I got enough nerve to ask her
Why the utilities were so high
And how high ... High was

The only heat in the place
Is the electric heaters
That runs along the bottom
Of the logs

You didn't notice them
When you looked at the place
They are very expensive to run

In answer to your question
On average in the Winter
It will cost you
About seven hundred dollars
A month to even keep from
Seeing your breath
In the place

There hasn't been a family
That has lived out
The Winter there
In about ten years now

It is easier to eat the lease
Than pay the electric

I have to charge you
A higher deposit than we normally do
To turn on the gas and electricity
Because people are always skipping
Out on us because
They cannot pay their bills

I am so sorry!

Of course I had not noticed!
I was the idiot that rented a place
Before looking at it a second time
In the light of day
No wonder the owner had wanted
To meet me in town rather
Than meeting me at the house

He had to have known
That if I saw it a second time
I would have second thoughts

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
There had been no other
Family interested in this place

He only wanted a sucker
And to him I looked
Bright Cherry

Well that was it
Our money was all gone
We had to have utilities
And the lease was already signed

I drove first to my Mother's house
After stopping in at the Barn
Only to find that I must have passed
Her on the highway going into town

I took one look at Ivan
And burst into tears

After collecting myself
Enough to tell him
What had happened
He was ready to go find his gun
And hunt down the landlord
That he was sure had taken
Advantage of me

C'mon sweetie
It will all be Okay
I promise

Lets go take a look
At this place you have rented
I have always wanted to see
The inside of that old place

It was NOT Okay!
The place was filthy
And when I tell you filthy ...
It also seemed to be falling
In around itself

The upstairs that I
Had not seen at all was filled
With every kind of trash imaginable

The room that I was thinking
Could become Hersh's office
Had jagged concrete poking itself
Out of what was supposed
to be carpeting

Oh yes ...
The critters!!

Remember the windows?

Well the little lizzards loved them
There seemed to be one
In each window box sunning themselves
And I would eventually realize
That they had no intentions of
Vacating the premises

Broken windows
Drafts from logs that no longer
Had any insulation because our friendly mice
Used them as a stomping ground and a chew toy

Dear Lord . . . What have I done

I wonder if Kenneth
Will stand between myself and his Father
When he first sees this place

The call
That I had been so looking forward to
Now became my fear
Of having to come clean with Hersh
About the mess I had gotten us into

How was I going to be able
To give him this kind of news
On top of everything
We had already faced
And thought
We could now put behind us

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

This Ole Hourse

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A Story Within A Chapter Part Three

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