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Your Eyes

I see the same glow in your eyes
I saw in your Father before.....
A gentle silent tenderness I adore
Under the same skies, In the same arms
Your life begins with a peaceful charm.
You will learn, how precious life can
Turn... Yet you'll know your journey
Will be complete, you will not take kindly
To defeat... If you fall along the way, you
Will stand again to say, "I will be what
 I strive to be, let come what come may!"
Hold true to your heart and mind, and hope
Will follow, true and kind...
What I see is far ahead, but your life is
Full of the human spirit, loving, and unsaid...
You'll face the joy and weather dread...
When you hold your child in a far-off time
Remember, you once were in that same place,
For it comes full circle in God's good grace.
My love for you helps move me to carry on, my hope
Is with my young Grandson.

9/3/2017 Sunday
To my Young Grandson

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Your Eyes