Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand                September 3, 2017

Hold my hand, and walk our land

We'll walk a while, you'll cry and smile

I'll tell you about our country

We'll walk an Irish mile

An island unfree invaded by another

Four green fields protected by our mother

Heroes live hear, you'll feel them around

They'll drop you a shamrock without even a sound

Our martyrs are close, your not on your own

Irish heroes are with you, you'll never alone

Twenty six of the best, we're expecting the rest

A flag of green no union jack or queen

Ethnic cleansing in a land not their own

The church and the steeple killing our people

The empire has crumbled, the world knows what I mean

They took our leaders, criminalized and killed

Irish men died as our country cried

Ten Irish men with rights denied

They invaded our country and planted our land

First nation people taken, God bless Ireland

Derry free with Donegal

Those little streets, God bless them all

The sun will shine on the children of Ireland

Hold my hand and walk our land

We'll walk a while, you'll cry and  smile

Gerrard McGeachy

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