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Lover's Forever More  By : Sonja Carnes

            The waters lay still under the riseing haze
            Drifting across the face of the water
            It shifted to a distant place....

            Was it the disembodied soul or souls
            Of Ancient people of the Sea, or another
            Entity searching to be free?

            It is only the mist that rises in the night
            It has no special power,no mystical sight
            Walking like no beast or man,it drifts
            aimlessly because it can...

            I heard a voice softly cry my name, I walked
            Away and felt a touch upon my hood, it was a
            Captian that before me stood, he spoke and
            Fades away, I'll never forget what he had to

            "This is the Sea of Souls drifting in their
             searching trance, they unite to take
             Their stance, they claim no harm, they are here
             To charm the one in life they romanced.....
             Lost at Sea to never see their true love
             Gather in the Full Moonlight to glimpse at the
             Lovers on shore, who waits for their true love
             Enbracing arms forever more.."



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Lover`s Forever More By : Sonja Carnes