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My heart is full of love, you hold it in your hand.
Do you know it beats faster, with triumphs and disaster?
When you left, many things where unsaid, the thoughts
Stays in my head.
I felt that My heart fell to the floor when you ran out
That door...

My crystal heart has shattered, for warmth and love
Was all that mattered, now it lies on the shelf, crying
To its self... 
I need a loving, kind hero, not an ice sculpture, below

If you reconsider, it will only be one time, because my
Crystal's heart has lost its chime...
I gave the best that I can give, it's all in splinters
Mending now with grief in the coldest winters.

Since that day 35+ years have passed, my heart is soft and
Warm a fire burns in the darkest night, we hold each
In near the flames so bright.
No longer crystal, or in your hand, our hearts have joined 
In a love so Grand.

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