Back to school

After 6 weeks off school, it's finally time for my children to
return to school and take their places in the next year up. Time
goes too fast!!!

Back to school.

Her new uniform is hung up,
All crisp and fresh,
waiting for her to get up,
Eager to get dressed.

Her new shoes are polished,
Her socks are all paired,
Alongside new ribbons,
Bought for her hair.

Her coat is waiting,
Hung up by the door,
Ready to remind you;
She's a baby no more.

For tomorrow is upon us,
Here brings a new class,
As we watch her walk off;
We wonder why time goes so fast.

It seems only yesterday,
We were first brought together,
My baby back then,
My little girl forever.

Vicki Wroe, 26 (c)

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Back to school

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