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Saved by the Ancient Master

A Mountain rises above the clouds, and dewy mist!
When you stand in the valley you can see it's twisted...
Like a piece of time it calls for me so sublime, I have
My equipment and guide, my journey will unfold...
Many happenings untold.
Soft stirring of wind talks to the ice and rock it bids.
Much unseen that pass us by,
is caught by a young child's eye.
Innocence is full of sight,
unmoved by the mountains might,
the hope is solid and tight!
Now the danger flares it's head,
a storm that could leave me dead.
I was now alone, wishing I stayed home.
Upward I move in a staircase to
The sky...A few more steps, can barely
See, the storm so violent starts to
Seige with force, I feared that I'd lost
Course. Just one more step, what do I
See, a courtyard with golden Lions at
Each side, beyond a Temple that seemed to hide.
The doors swung open I was invited in.
A peaceful man mild and kindly brought me dry attire
And told me to warm by the fire
The storm raged on, but I was at ease, I was saved
From the storms certain freeze...The kind man and I
Laughed and told stories of old, we watched the shadows
Dance on the wall, until Sun's first call.
Down the mountain I declined, The Man so kind weighed
Heavy on my mind.
I arrived back to base camp, found my guide,
I told him about the man who was so gentle and kind...
"Who was that man?" He Smiled and replied,
"He was an ancient Wisdom, a most generous host
He was the essence of a ghost...
My eyes widen, my heart beats faster... That day
I was saved by the spirit of an Ancient Master.

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Saved By The Ancient Master