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The CHAMPION that i AM
now at ---0430, ---im --READY--and--SQUARED--AWAY---already-- for --the --day,-- ahead --of --me,-- yes --i --AM, --and -step -by -step -this -day -a -new, -to ---ACCOMPLISH--and --WIN--every --GOAL-- this --NEW--DAY--that --i --a --SET--, i --KNOW, --that-- i ---WILL--and--i----CAN

For the CHAMPION, that WE are--DEEP-deep-DEEP--WITHIN
if -we--BELIEVE--that-- any -a -GOAL- that -we -set,- if -we --BELIEVE--it -then -we -can --ACHIEVE-- it -then --and--we --can ---successfully-- and --triumphantly----WIN

Sometimes we slip slide stumble and--FALL
then thats that, and we gotta get-up and ---RE--FOCUSED--- and -on -the ---POSITIVE--MOTIVATING---BALL

The JOURNEY, is long hard and is a winding and stormy --ROAD
as on any mission, quest and goals, we all are carrying baggage a much and a HEAVY--LOAD

Sometimes the journey of our life, living, and LOVE, seems like an endless thankless ungrateful, uphill --RUN
with many set backs challenges and troubles more than--ONE

with every set back, difficulty and troubles slips stumbles tumbles blunders,- stays --FOCUSED-- and lifts themselves up, and puts themselves, --BACK--ON--TRACK--with--FOCUS--and--ATTACK--- on ---a --pedastal--- second---- to----NONE

For we must instill in ourselves the GREATNESS that we wish to-- BECOME
we must strive thrive and survive to be the CHAMPION we dream wish and want to become, and just simply,  get up early--and get movin, and grovin, and POSITIVELY--thinking, , beating out the --negative-stinkin- thinkin,--- and --PROGRESS--MOVE--FORWARD--BREATH--by--BREATH--and--STEP--BY--STEP--MINUTE--BY--MINUTE------and----- get -------it-------DONE

By john d jungers

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The CHAMPION that i AM