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Conversation With A Sparrow

This little hedge sparrow
Hopped about on the grass
Climbed up the patio
Looked at me through the glass.
No common sparrow this.
You could tell by its stance.
You could tell by the way
It returned my glance.
As we faced each other,
Me and this proud little bird
Was it imagination
Or had I really heard:
You look at me, human
Because you are so tall,
With a disdainful glare
Because we  are so small.
My many times great sire
Roamed this earth as a King
A magnificent T Rex
Lord of each and everything.
Your sires crawled  the mud
While we strode the earth
Yet we are gone to this,
You are still here
For what that's worth.
Once like you we
Walked proud and tall
And then this asteroid
Came and buggered it all.
When your turn comes
Will your species survive
Will it adapt like us
And stay alive.
One last cheeky glance,
One last piercing one,
Then it hopped into the hedge
Disappeared, and was gone.

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