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Bridge Home (reprise)

She tried to find her way home
She must cross the bridge, with
The angry sea below, her true
Love was sure to show.

The Four winds surround her from
All sides, holding the rail, was her
Blind guide.
Her true love, standing on the ridge,
waiting for her to cross that bridge

Waiting, she moves forward not hesitating.
Now she was in his sight, he approaches
The bridge with legend's might...
The raging water below, few more steps
They will embrace, in one loud crash...
The bridge gives way, she vanished from
His sight, she falls into the water below...

He was with her they both will know, when
Those four winds start to blow.
The light of God began to glow...
Like a dove on the wing, she began to rise
Approaching the gleam of her true loves

The end of the physical world, my friend
They begin Their flight, in one another's
Sight, to a world of extraordinary heights
Hand in hand they face eternity's loving

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Bridge Home