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There is a sorrow in his voice
A solemn tone of his words.
Can you hear his grief, speaking
Brief, no longer with his love, he
Walks the path alone
He stays silent, in a weeping tone.

He looks deep into his heart, knowing
Where the grief did start.
The day war drove them apart....
Her picture he kept close at hand
As he took his final stand.......
His hopes to be home, but it is the battlefield
He roams..

He lays his weapons down, and he feels .....
His spirit guide, leaving abruptly he......
Finds peace and love on the other side.He no
Longer walks alone, his weary spirit no longer
Roams.. If Earth could live in peace and goodwill
This Man could be raising his children and living
In his home,   ...... still....!!

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Grief Speaking. Allseasonsverse