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im her GRAMPS, and now im with this little energetic three year old and every minute its PLAY--TIME--and--she--was-up-and-raring-ready-to-go-this-mornin-and-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn--and--SUNSHINE

So now she is eatting her BREAKFAST
so, i took the chance to write her a quick POEM, real--FAST

As soon as her breakfast, is finished, and--DONE
she will, be saying come on gramps lets keep on a--PLAYING

She will sing dance and RUN
thats her JOB, from morning sun, to setting sun, until the day is ALL--DONE

So, this DAY, is BELLA--TIME
and it is in my life, living, and LOVE, my BLESSING-blessing-BLESSING, and BEAUTIFUL, lating--SUNSHINE

Even, when the storms of life, living, and LOVE, may overwhelm me and knock me down sad  down  and  LOW
this moment as im --WRITING-- and --SOON-- to be --PLAYING--with this little--THREE--YEAR--OLD--With--our--BELLA--TIME, --my--heart--and--mind--is--getting--fulfilled--with--love--HAPPINESS--and--LOVE--with--BELLA--GLOW

with her BREAKFAST, now she is ready to play , laugh, sing, and dance, --ANEW


By john d jungers

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