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Aircraft Carrier Britain

When you're queuing for A&E
Camped outside overnight
With the Sally Army serving tea
With the coming of daylight
At least you won't be seen
By any foreign lazy shirker
Who for years have been stealing
Jobs from the Great British worker
You'll know we've got our Country back.

When the foodbanks are over flowing
With unsold use by date expired food
And the constant state of near hunger
Puts folk In such an anti social mood
And the pound in your pocket buys
Less and less each coming day
Be grateful for the democracy which
Let each individual have their say
For we'll have our Country back.

When there's pound and Euro parity
So you can't afford the holiday away
It shouldnt really matter because it's
Ram full of foreigners there anyway
All plotting and planning and scheming
To come and do our dirty jobs,
And it's not decent English that
Pours like gibberish from their gobs,
Stay home in the country we've got back

When the border post moves back to Dover
And the ISIS terrorist are slipping quietly in
Through the Channel tunnel because
The Border forces are stretched  too thin
And the Security Forces are hampered
By the Human Rights vocal mob
Short on real life experience but
With the Benefit and the eloquence
Of their big and influential gob
At least we'll have our Country back.

When the people in power amass
More personal wealth day by day by day
And benefits and allowance are cut
Because somebody somewhere has to pay
For the continuing prosperity of the rich      
The aristocracy and our own dear Queen
Just remember this is democracy
As it not for years been seen.
And we'll have got our Country Back.

When they reintroduce Droit De Seigneur
And it becomes the turn of your daughter
And you realise with despair you were one
Of those lambs that voted for the slaughter
When the New Victorian Age dawns
And they don't pay cash wages anymore
Just a handful of doubtful vouchers for
Use in their new Company store.
It's worth it all to have our Country back.

When we're just an offshore island, for
Centuries living on glories from the past,
And the legislation is in place to become
The Newest American State at long last,
And there won't be long distressing
Queues stretching outside the A&E door
Because dear brothers, and sister
There'll not be  NHS A&E anymore
And we Proud Brits will have our Country back

When they've sold off all the country's assets
Creamed off all the remaining bit of wealth
Which because they were sadly voted in
They didn't need to do by guile or stealth
When the meritocracy, i.e. the stinking rich
Have departed into comfortable tax exile
For who in their right mind would choose to live
On such a run down miserable little isle
We'll flipping well deserve our ruined country back

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