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           Bear Cave.        Allseasonsverse
 Winter had no mercy it moved through the wilderness
like an angry animal.
Wind and snow and grey skies
had a hunger in its eyes.
Only the snowflakes fly...
If only I could find shelter, I'd
Survive this storm, with a fire to keep
Me warm.

I passed by a Bear cave, his cry was a
Cry of determination, he was looking
Right at me as his last meal for hibernation!

I ran knee deep in snow up the hill,  Right on track
He was at my back, I turned my head, we were
Eye to eye, I believed it was my time to die.
Big black fur, and steal blue eyes, a man in
A Bearskin coat he bid me 
To follow and not ask why...

Who was this man so gentle and wise? 
We went back to the cave, this man was
So brave, he defeated the bear and made
Us some stew, his fur warmed him and kept
Him alive, around the fire, we both

For days it stormed, it swirled and gust
But this man kept us feed, warm, and
Dry. The calm finally appears, those few
Days felt like years......I thanked him, and 
Invited him to my home, but he smiled.....
And said goodbye, his home was the wilderness
That he often roams.

Ten steps forward I turned and looked back
But all was gone it was just me, he came in
The hardest of times, his knowledge was valued.
He was wise and  kind,  was he a part of me, that fought
To live and be free.

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Bear Cave. By Allseasonsverse