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Right now, i dont even care, if one DAY some HOW, some WAY, some ONE, who would LOVE, me FOREVER, --I --MAY-- ever--ever-ever--MEET
right now, all i care about is to be and BECOME my GREATEST, of my GREATEST, my BEST of my BEST, and my STRONGEST, with strength stamina and endurance and within myself feel. --GOOD--GRAND--GREAT--and--ELITE

I think everyone, they are   LOOKING. HOPING.  and  PRAYING.  to--FIND
someone so special --LOVING -COMPASSIONATE---and--BEAUTIFULLY--WONDERFULLY--extra--extra-extra--special--and--KIND

The two woman who i felt , so much love joy energy zest and--POSITIVENESS
were -my -MOTHER-- and --GRAND-MOTHER--, who --both --were-- truly------------ HEAVENS---BEAUTIFUL--BEAUTIFUL--BEAUTIFUL--ANGELS----- and--NOTHING--BUT--THE--BEST--OF--THE--very-very-very---BEST

By john d jungers

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Right now i dont even care