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In our--LIFE--, the --STORNS-- that we --FACE
are just as the same --turbulence,-- destruction,-- devastation,--hurt--and--harms-- as. --the--turbulent--weather--hurricane--, tornado--, flood --, earthquake--, in --every --CLIME --and----PLACE

The weather, affects us so --adversely--, destructively, --and --devastatingly--, turbulently----ruthlessly---and-----HARD
just, as in our life, living, and LOVE, when things, for------US--------all, can go --so-so-so---ARRAY--, and --WRONG--, as -we -can -be -dealt -a -bad --TERRIBLE-TERRIBLE-TERRIBLE--WRONG----BAD--- and ---SAD----DEVASTATING---CARD

With every ---STORM---, in nature, as in Our life, living, and LOVE
we --HUMBLY-humbly-HUMBLY---SURRENDER-- to --our -----LOVING-loving-LOVING----HIGHER POWER, with --HOPE-- and --FAITHFUL--PRAYER--PRAYER--PRAYER---, in --our ---ALMIGHTY-almighty-ALMIGHTY--- GOD, in  the ----HOLY-holy-HOLY-----HEAVENS----ABOVE

By john d jungers

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In life the storms that we face