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It doesn't really-really-really---MATTER
how some folks will treat you will coldness,and ruthless unkindness with freezing--cold--BURR

All that really -really--really--MATTERS-- the --MOST
is that in your --LOVING--GREAT--HEART--, you -hold -onto -your- faith -love -serenity -and--PEACE--and--hold--deep--within--your--LOVING--FAITHFUL--COURAGEOUS--FORGIVING----HEART------our-almighty--GOD--FOREVER--CLOSE

For the actions, and the in-actions---the--good--bad--happy--and--sad--of--every--OTHER
we cant --let--them--win--and--let--ourselves----BECOME--UNDONE-----and--hurt hindered troubled or--SMOTHERED

When ---GOD, ---with you is at---CENTER--- --direct--front--STAGE
the sea's of your life, living, and, LOVE, will stay calm cool, and  collective, with hope and faith, and--WITHOUT--REVENGE-- harm,-- holler-- and --acting-- out--to--get--even--RAGE

For it matters not how bad sad and--LOW
a person may try to coldly ruthlessly selfishly, rude-and--MEANLY- knock us DOWN, but what matters, the most is that deep within us our body mind,-----HEART---- and -----soul, we maintain and hold onto our---- FAITHFUL--HOPEFUL-- BEAUTIFUL-- ever --LOVING-LOVING-LOVING-- --POSITIVE-POSITIVE-POSITIVE---CONFIDENT--CONFIDENT-CONFIDENT------Shine-----beam-----and----Wonderful-wonderful-wonderful---UNWAIVERING--or--WANDERING--permanent--GREAT----GLOW

By john d jungers

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