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                    Long ago you gave me a key. Gave it to me for safe keeping.
                    You said you would come for it if the rain would not stop....
                    The day came when wind and rain grew restless, in the darkest
                    Night, it shook its head and stomped it's foot and fell on the roof tops
                    Non-stop, It was seen as mean, but exceptionally clean.. it 
                    It was time to give you that key.. there was a box on the shelf that you
                    Gathered yourself, and you the key to open and see, the sunshine bright

                    It shimmers and glows, the wind ceased to blow, When I looked out

                    My window there was a multicolor Rainbow...... The rain began to
                    Slow, then stop, it was a sight to treasure, we made it through the 
                    Worst of storms, our hope is softly measured.........

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Rainstorms and Rainbows. Allseasonsverse