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When im AWAY, from my grand-daughters, for even a --DAY
them --ALL--i --start --to--really--MISS

As now, im away
and this is my first day--here-at-my-daughters-in-Vegas-from-the-grand-daughters-of-FOUR-that-im--AWAY

Even, now, far away, from California-from them all and -long---GONE
in my HEART and MIND, with them --ALL-- i see  and hear their SMILES, LAUGHS, and GIGGLES, and my HEART, sings --happily-happily--happily---ALONG

Ive been movin, too and fro, too--OFTEN--for-i-dont-know-now-for-too--many--years--now-already--THEN
as, i know at this very point and time, ive gotta sit still, take care of myself stay ---FOCUSED,--- on my --GOALS, --and--just--MEND

For me in my life, living, and--LOVE
i truely know that these--GRAND-DAUGHTERS--of--FOUR--LOVE--their--GRAMPS--and--it--is--my--GREATEST--BLESSING--from--GOD--ABOVE

Anyone could look at the world all--AROUND
and they could so easily , feel they have so much less than the best and happiness as so many others, and feel sad low and--DOWN

But as we know to be --TRUE
to count our every BLESSING, and to be humble kind with an attitude of gratitude, and live, laugh, and LOVE, as beautifully and brightly as the sky is--BLUE

Grand children are not just good or great they are--THE--GRANDEST
and for me, i feel, their every --HEART--BEAT--, and i know, really, really know that these--grand--daughters of------thirteen,---- eleven,---- nine, ----and ---just ----three--that---they--LOVE--this--GRAMPS--and--i--for--my--LIFE-- i--will--be----HERE--for--them--FOREVER--FOREVER--FOREVER----with--my--every--HEART-BEAT--and--do--my--BEST--to--LOVE--them--my--BESTEST

By john d jungers
12th of september 2017

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When im away from my grand-daughters-for-even-a--DAY--them--i--BEGIN--to--MISS