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Its difficult to deal with negative talk gossip and--POLITICS
on how some people play games with themself and with others as they say one thing BUT, mean the exact opposite and other, its difficult to deal with the fakeness political ness games and TRICKS

I think to myself that a professional--fake--POLITICIAN
when they look at themself in the mirror, who really are they as they change as night and day in every way to win Every FAVOR--THAN

People in all walks of life they  are the--SAME
when they seek to cause others defeat at their selfish political, greedy materialistically, egotistically,  fake political gossip negative, and degrading,  talk and--SHAME--GAME

In your life, living, and LOVE, nothing will ever be your--GAIN
if --without--a--FOUNDATION--of---the--stabillity--and--reality--of---showing---LOVE--LOVE--LOVE--COMPASSION--CARE--CONCERN--and--CONSIDERATION--to--all--and--a--SECURE--HONEST--SINCERE--FOUNDATION--of--------showing--dignity--and--respect------for--ALL--others--equally--LOVINGLY----THE--SAME

By john d jungers
12th of september 2017

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Its very difficult to deal with gossip , negative talk and politics