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With ALL, im trying my. BEST  to be finding, mercy, grace and to have--Patience--and--UNDERSTANDING
as, oh LORD, i Come to you in--PRAYER, with my every trouble, care, concern, to you oh LORD--24/7--in--PRAYER--to--you--i--do--my--BEST--to-SURRENDER--and--BRING

As i try to ALWAYS-always-ALWAYS--KEEP--PEACE
and i fight to do what i  know in your, heart and eyes is right, and try my best to rant, rave, and complain at the--LEAST

and sometimes i get weak and angry and disappointed and upset where,  i--STAND

Especially when from others i felt ---unappreciated, ---disrespected----, neglected, ----rejected -----and-----taken -----for -----GRANTED
which makes me feel weak as sand not tough and-durable--hard ---and---enduring----as--rock--HARD---GRANITE

i do my best to  SURRENDER  to, you oh dear,  LORD, in the Holy heavens--THERE

By john d jungers
12th of september 2017

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With ALL, im always trying to be finding mercy grace and UNDERSTANDING