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              I can feel the season's first change,

     temperature drops in low range......

              The trees sway slowly, and the leaves
               Lose their luster, softly they fall and

               What a patient beauty Mother Nature
               She will dress in multi-color ember
               Awaits it's a charming and special place
               When summer exists in fleeting pace...
                The woodland creatures prepare for
                Frost, needful work or fatal cost, they
                Build their  home, with dedication
                They start early without hesitation.

                 When winter walks up to fill our night's
                  It chills our day's with dimmer lights.
                 I hold an edge on hope, I watch the snow
                 Cover the gradient slope.
                  All season's verse is in my heart,
                  a peaceful.
                  A way for each season's start.
                  God Bless you one and all,
                  have a joyous season
                  With valued reason.
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2017 S.C.                  




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