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Why do people, MAKE the MISTAKES, that they--MAKE
why do people TAKE, the RISKS, that they--TAKE

Why do people-- SAY the HURTFUL things that they--DO
why do people, seek to disrespect with neglect, and shame others--TOO

Why do people make others feel so SAD
why do people make others feel so --BAD

Why do people seek, to hurt, destroy, and betray others TRUST
why do people hate harm and hurt others so, MUCH

Why do people seek materialistic greed
when already they have, so much more than they NEED

Why do people want for themselves more and more and more, with selfishness egotistical and materialisticness with.GREED
why do people in the NAME of THEIR holy GOD inflict --SELFISH--EVIL--SHAMEFUL--COWARDLY--iNSANE-------TERROR------ on innocent others and kill mame and injure and make them bleed

Why do people  CHEAT, DECIEVE, and--LIE
the bad and sad, and mean unkind uncaring things that people do and SAY--WHY

Why do people have, no remorse, regret, or conscience when doing and deceiving and betraying others so--WRONG
what drummer do they march to and where does their heart BELONG

How can others be to mean, uncaring, ruthless bullish and UNKIND
do they have a higher power,  with love's  as GOD, to guide them, with peace love serenity and PEACEFULNESS. With loving compassion,care and concern with consideration --and-- loving beautiful. Faithful--GOD--FEARING--SHINE

People who do evil bad and WRONG
they in their heart do not have a loving faithful and GOD. SONG

For good is good and bad is bad
happy is happy and sad is sad

Love is love and hate is hate
in your life living and LOvE, turn to our almighty loving--GOD, --as--your--Good-loving--beautiful--future--and--FAITHFUL--FATE

By john d jungers
12th of september 2017

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Why do people make the MISTAKES, that they make