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Heart and mind
im just writing whatever comes to my heart and mind, of any-KIND

Talking, and REFLECTING
with my loving daughter -in-law-PATTY, about anything, and--EVERTHING

every conversation begins and ends with, right to the end and back to the beginning and--START

We talk about peace, love and --FAiTH
and the good, the bad, and the ugly with this entire human--RACE

The both of us have a CATHOLIC--foundation-growing-up-and--RELIGION
and the both of us now, have a foundation of SPIRITUALITY, with REALITY, and A COMMPASSIONATE, LOVING, peaceful--VISION

We both speak so highly of the beautiful--DALA-LAMA-who-is-so--PEACEFUL--LOVING-kind-thoughtful-loving-COMPASSIONATE--and--SPIRITUALLY--BEAUTIFULLY--Humble-and--TRUE
as the DALALAMA--says, to find happiness is to first have PEACE, within yourself, then as to have compassion for all living things, --and--for--me--in-my-life-living-and-LOVE--those-words-ideals-and-principles-of-him-have-always-stuck to me like super-GLUE

Then as the religious leader--GHANDI--said, to find happiness, is that whatever we have own and process, if we keep it all alone for our very own self and wealth for we all are going to pass this world and turn to ash, and all we keep for ourselves when we pass it all we will lose, and GHANDI, said for all that we give away to all others will be our blessing and be ours forever
ghandi preached non violence love, compassion, courage to forgive, thoughtfulness graciousness generosity and --kindness--through his humble teachings --GREAT--GREATNESS--and--POSITIVE--LOVING--Change, happened, and--OCCURED

With mind and HEART
me and my daughter-in-law--PATTY, talk about anything, and everything, and ALWAYS-always-ALWAYS--with-LOVE-love-LOVE--we--end-every-conversation-with--as--with--LOVE--CARE--COMPASSION--we--ALWAYS-always-ALWAYS--positively--begin--and--START

By john d jungers

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Heart and mind