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Sometimes, a person, just cant go to--SLEEP
when on their HEART, and MIND, they are THINKING, of  things really--SO--SO--SO--DEEP

A person, stays--wide--AWAKE
when they feel happy, and--GREAT

The kind, and thoughtful words of ANOTHER
have--DEARLY--BEAUTIFULLY--JOYOUSLY-JOYOUSLY-JOYOUSLY---touched, this ---broken heart ---so GREAT, and have in an instant created such ---JOYOUS--JOYOUS-JOYOUS----HAPPINESS-----leaving-me-feeling--SLEEPLESS--and--better--than--ny--BEST--without-sleep-or--REST-for--SURE

The simple kind, thoughtful,---- JOYOUS,-JOYOUS-JOYOUS----words- that- a --KIND--HEARTED--LOVING--person--, simply- says -to --ANOTHER
touches-- a --HEART--with--GREATER--than-- GREAT--------- JOY, ----------that ---FOREVER--will-- SUSTAIN --and--INSPIRE-- them --GREATLY--IMPACTINGLY-----ENCOURAGE----them---- and-----so--blessedly--JOYOUSLY--go-on-and-on-and-on-and----ENDURE

By john d jungers

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Sometimes a person, just cant go to sleep