The Unfairness Of Angels
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When I was a younger me
I couldn't contemplate being 43
I always had a different outlook
My head was in the clouds or a book
One particular book stood out to me
‘The Hitchhikers  Guide To The Galaxy”

In that book the number of the meaning of life
Was 42, but it said nothing about kids or a wife
So I guess it was ok to deviate and stray?
And live my life like Frank Sinatra's “My Way”
Except I can't sing or have blue eyes
But I did see life, as one giant surprise!

An abstract journey with a cloudy path
But clouds evaporated with a happy laugh.
I remember when I was a boy, I wrote a list
About the places I wanted to visit in my Atlas
My Dad told me stories and I heard the tales
And what seemed like a minute, I forgot about girls

And whilst those around me talked about baby names
I was seeing the world on planes and trains
With just a backpack and adventurous dreams
I bypassed my 20's and a blur where my teens
By the time I reached the big Three O
I was running out of places to go

So I thought I'll now settle down
Stop messing about and acting the clown
But life's path has many turns and twists
And those clouds can become a black, dark mist
I never expected to lose my mum at 31
And experience a world, minus fun

Dark times rose like stalagmites
And all my days were nights and nights
But darkness and sadness were never me
So started to think more creatively
Mum had gone this was true, but just remember 42
That “life, the universe and everything” is true..

Enjoying life is what needs to be done
So I travelled the world again, this time with mum
Every year since (around) February 28th when she died
I've taken her memory with me, and laughed and cried
I felt better with this ritual in place
And soon a smile came back on my face

I carved a career in others addictions
And helped lost souls in their own afflictions
I got a cat (Maurice) and got a flat
And soon became happy with ‘this' and ‘that'
Although I can't say I wasn't completely naughty
I soon woke up one day and I was 40!

I had friends and a lovely family
But deep down inside I was quite lonely
I thought I'd give ‘normality a go'
But she turned out to be a 'No'
I looked back upon that path I trod
Carrying on ignoring the signs of ‘God'

I know there's many more junctions ahead
“Stay true to yourself” Phillip Sweet; Said
"and be ready to learn things new"
With every day we learn things new
“ Enjoy what is, what was and what is to be”
I said that, just now, aged, 43.

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