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TRYING to sit up straight
not bend and slouch, and  --TRYING--TRYING--TRYING--  to always be ready and steady, focused  with rhythme and rhymes in  perfect timing and tact, with exact fact, always -ALWAYS-always--very early, and just never-never-never-rushed, or--out of step, and--LATE

TRYING to be exact, and FACT
and positively, motivatingly, successfully, staying on the right--LOVING--FAITHFUL--POSITIVE--and--ENCOURAGING--TRACK

Upright and straight, always-always-always--I'm---, TRYING--, to --SIT
and to keep on a keeping on a setting my bar--HIGHER, thriving, striving, and , surviving to stay FOCUSED, on my GOALS, and to never never never--QUIT--as, my every mission, quests and  goals, ---im-- in --it --to --WIN----IT

By john d jungers
15th of september 2017

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Tryin to sit up straight