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I look out my front door,and sorrow walked there
I ran to hide in a secret place, but  it found me and 
 held my face, "This is the  kindest thing I will
Ever do, I will weep with you."
So it was a day of tears piled high by many years
Of lies, It was not in vain, Sorrow felt my pain.......
It was my broken heart. The healing had found
It's start. ......A part of life that had to flow, a truth
I've grown to know. I once believed that
Sorrow was to be unseen, but I was wrong
It went to deep and stayed too long. I had resisted
the joy It stolen, once faced, my soul washed clean
Of this feeling that is so mean..
Now I see that part of me that had to be seen and 
Heard, yes that was the time that, Sorrow had the,
 (Closure is the first step of healing)

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Sorrow Had The Final Word