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My --ACCOMPLISHMENT--, is when i --WRITE-- a simple POEM, in--My --TIME--and-- when,--i--PONDER,--THINK--, REFLECT, --and --PRAY--PRAY--P-R-A-Y
and i write a --SIMPLE,-- POEM, --about ---my --life, --living ,-- and --LOVE,-- and how things affect me --GOOD--, bad, and ugly, in--every-which--HAPPY--sad--negative--and---POSITIVE---Little--small---GOOD----GREAT-----and-----GRAND-----WAY

My --life -living--and--LOVE--ACCOMPLISHMENTS
is showing --MERCY-- GRACE----LOVE--,UNDERSTANDING--, and ---COMPASSION---, with, -----COURAGE----to ----FORGIVE-----, and ---STRIVE---to --show --LOVE,-- without -------REVENGE------ or------RESENT

A -person -they -are --WHAT-- they --THINK
a -person, they are --WHAT-- they--SPEAK--, and --WHAT-- they --DO-- how --THEY-- --ACT-- and --INTER-ACT--, and --PRAY-PRAY-PRAY-- and --WRITE----IN----INK

What ---we ---THINK---DO,--- and---SAY
will,-- AFFECT--us --all, --each, --and --everyone ---everyday, ---in---each--and---EVERYWAY

Our- life, -living, -and --LOVE---GREATEST--, ACCOMPLISHMENTS
is to rise above all, the disappointments, hurts rejections betrayals,  pains,hurts, and --set-backs, --and ---POSITIVELY---PRAY---and--for--me--i--WRITE--and--am------Trying---STRIVING----to----always-ALWAYS-always----TRYING--to--SEEK--and---FIND---the---GOOD---GREAT---, and ----GRAND----in -all,-and- in ---everything-EVERYTHING-everything--and --everybody --and ----shine-SHINE-shine-----my--beautiful, loving, faithful--great--loving--LIGHT--without--any--harbor-of-anger--hurts--or--RESENTS

By john d jungers
15th of september 2017

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My accomplishment is when i write a simple POEM as THIS