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Life, can be like, a--THOUSAND--PIECE--PUZZLE--complicated--confusing--troubling--stressing--and-detailed-in-every-way--SO
and, the big picture, is a CHALLENGE, in every-way--Complete, and--FULL

The PUZZLE, in our life, living, and --LOVE
we, try, our best to---UNDERSTAND--COMPREHEND--and--CONTROL--and------PIECE--- every -part -of -the --PUZZLE--together, -as -we ----SURRENDER-- to -our--GOD--in, the--HEAVENs--ABOVE

In our life, living, and LOVE
every human being, we struggle and try, to --PIECE-- our life --PUZZLE-- together and put every --PIECE--together --complete and full, and the more that we seek control, the more things come unraveled, tangled, and unwound--so--as-when we seek, to --SURRENDER-- to a higher power ---GOD---,we feel, so deeply --SPIRITUALLY---WONDERFULLY---BEAUTIFULLY-- and --UPLIFED--from --the ----HIGHER-higher-HIGHER--- -power---GOD-- in, the ----HOLY-holy-HOLY----, HEAVENS----ABOVE

The hardest and most difficult thing for every human being to--DO
is to just put the PUZZLE, AWAY, and FAITHFULLY, PRAYERFULLY, SPIRITUALLY, stay and--with,--LOVE-love-LOVE--, mercy, --grace --and --understanding--SURRENDER--SURRENDER--SURRENDER----TOO

As,--a--THOUSAND-PIECE-PUZZLE--as-- difficult, and confusing, and complicated,- that- --our--LIFE--LIVING--and--LOVE--CAN--BE
when, in our LIFE, LIVING, and LOVE, when we throw in the towel, and  --SURRENDER-SURRENDER-SURRENDER-----TO---A---HIGHER--POWER-----GOD----we-set------OURSELVES---HAPPY--HAPPY--HAPPY--and----FREE

By john d JUNGERS

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Life can be like a THOUSAND PIECE--PUZZE