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Poetry lacking
poetry stacking

At --least --its--not. --As -------BAD------MEAN-MEAN-MEAN---, as ----NEGATIVE--NEGATIVE--NEGATIVE------computer, ----cyber -----BULLYING
about the inferior writings about the mediocre other--POETS-- and the subjects they choose  to write about and their rightful different, --FREE-- opinion --BRING

This--------WONDERFUL--------GREAT---------- site,-------- is --------FREE-------- for----------ALL
and no on has  the right to  think  and act, like they, are --so---------SUPERIOR--SUPERIOR--SUPERIOR---------to--the--REST--and--the--very--GREATEST--most--TALENTED--GIFTED--and--the --very--BEST--of--the--GREATEST---------MOST--FAMOUS--FAMOUS--FAMOUS-----and--BEST-- and --BETTER-- than -all -of -the -rest- and---Put --down-- and ---BULLY-BULLY-BULLY-- any --other --TRYING--to-- cause ---them---HURT--DISRUPT--and--- FALL

My -simple -humble-opinion -is --THIS
if this site is so mediocre--to--SOME-- and  --elementary--, why --would --one --be --here-- as --their --CHOICE--and--WISH--just-to-write-negative-----MEAN-MEAN-MEAN----and-----hurtful----and---others------complain---Demean---disgrace---criticize---PUT---DOWN---and----SHAME----and----DISK

I was told as a boy so long, long,--AGO
if you dont have something good to say about ----another----DONT--SAY--ANYTHING -----just--PRAY--FOR--THEM---and----JUST-JUST-JUST---- LET--GOD, ----and --JUST-JUST-JUST-----LET-- IT--GO

For us all, each and --EVERYONE
we will --ALL--BE--JUDGED--and---HUMBLED-- with --our --mannerisms--,actions--attitudes--words------ either- kind -hearted,-or- mean -spirited, ---as --we --PRAY-PRAY-PRAY-----that--GODS, will, not ours for us all, the good the bad and the ugly--will--BE--DONE

For it is the mission,quest, and goal,of every woman, child and--MAN
to, do--ALL--THINGS--with------good--great--and--grand--HEART--with-----LOVE--LOVE--LOVE------every  place that they,  go, and  with every thought, word --deed--and --PRAYER-PRAYER-PRAYER-- and every step  that they take, and--each and every place that they----FAITHFULLY--LOVINGLY--PEACEFULLY-----STAND

By john d jungers

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Poetry lacking poetry stacking