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Spend time, with the people, that care about you the--MOST
do, your --BEST--of--your--BEST----EVERYDAY--to--show, them that you--APPRECIATE-- them, and--HOLD-- them ever--LOVING--and--CLOSE

The people, that you hold so--LOVING-LOVING-LOVING---and--DEAR
STAY--in--TOUCH-- with them, and HOLD--THEM--NEAR

Spend time with the--PEOPLE-- that you --CARE--FOR
show them all of your LOVE, CARE, CONCERN, and COMPASSION--so--much--MORE

Put those who you --LOVE--and care for on--a--PEDESTAL--HIGH
Stay,  in TOUCH, with all those who you LOVE, and ---always-ALWAYS-always, ---do the --BEST-- that you can, and always--never give up and keep on a keeping on and --do-your-best-to-communicate--with--all--and--ALWAYS--DO--YOUR--BEST--and--TRY--TRY--and--TRY

By john d jungers
15th of september 2017

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Spend TIME with the people that care about you the most