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 Off the coast of Ireland, Is a Massive Cave
that archaeologist discovered many artifacts.
Large red crystal-like gems like oversized teardrops
Lead to a lower level of this cave. 
Much to Their surprise, they found a petrified dragon
100 yards long.  They began to clean this ancient
Stone like creature, as they continued, a rhythmic
Beat filled the cave..... Louder and louder it echoed.
Villagers heard the sound and gathered outside the
Cave. This Dragon's heart was revived or awakened
From his deep slumber.
His eyes began to open, he began to weep, his tears fell
And formed teardrop crystals or ruby-like gems.
As they discovered on the trail to this magnificent creature.
Now again these tears flow.....  What sorrowful sighs the 
Dragon released. He was like no other Dragons that destroyed,
he was good and so was his Lady Love, to
the land. He was wise and gentle, and heartbroken.
"Why do you weep?" The Lady archaeologist asked.
"It is not just me who awakes, my loneliness for my lady love
Awakens as well." The earth and rock began to rumble, dust
Filled the air, from the east side of the cave, another Dragon appears
"I was close, when I lost the sound of your beating heart, today We
Can join again." Two lost lovers join and embrace, the heart grows silent
And they slip back to their deep sleep.
Long ago they were misjudged, the people tried to slay them both,
His lady love lost the sound of his heart, they both became harden in time.  
They became still, unseen, unheard like the cave that enclosed their bodies.
It was believed that cave protected them to bring, them back to each other's arms!
In the arms of a love, they've found Their peace
 ( To be continued)
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A Dragon`s Tears (One)