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Hope You Enjoyed The Eclipse While It Lasted


so world you want to do
the eclipse together
so tell me what you've done well
together lately
before the
world-weariness and
exhaustion didn't creep in
and over-run us all

don't you see the psychic damage
that's yet to be un-done
I'm not interested in your love fest
making a celebrity of the sun
like we can all come together

the more time marches
the more tired I become

is it the marching
is it the effort it takes
isolation in a magnified computer age
the immensity of a world
and the inverse in-importance
of individual existence
turning everything
even God's miracles into events
I'm staying out of the publicity tent
yours for the making and consumption
that's some kind of wizardry

how about
living together and learning to
move beyond all prejudices from the past
all our limiting and small-making greed-head circumstances
think of all the head space that you've devoted
to others, attitudes, negative memories, bad habits
wouldn't it be better to over-come
the present demoralizing Babylon

attitudes from the past are poison
blocking out the present
progress and possibility
hope cannot simply be manufactured
in one event surrounding the sun

haven't you felt over-whelmed at times
I have
myself, feeling un-done
struggling to feel the fading warmth
in a fully eclipsing sun
which comes around in one lifetime

not all charmed blossoms
make good in life
there are those who'd deny all evidence of any problems
as they take their neatly polished smiles
out of the jar each morning
the ignorant and dulled

didn't we all hope for a better world
yet only a few of us refuse to share the best
how I know these few do their worst for me not
to get to wrap my fingers around it

a lot of truth was told
when old wise man remarked
its the optimist who gets exhausted
look at all the effort it takes
to be operating in the light
while every one else fumbles in the dark

hope y'all enjoyed the eclipse
and the togetherness
while it lasted
while it passed us

written directly to the page

legal copyright for this work/rant and also for
this writer/author Melissa A. Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World
September 17, 2017 1:48pm PST
edited September 24 , 2017 9:44 AM PST for clarity

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