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The TIDES go out, and the TIDES come--IN
in our life, living, and LOVE, SOMETIMES, we, lose and SOMETIMES we--WIN

For, we all, have our CHALLENGES--,of--GREAT--and--SMALL
we all --RISE--UP--with-- HAPPINESS-- and-- SUCCESS,----- and----- FEEL-------, doomed sad Stressed, and devastated with hurtful, disappointing and devastating, failures set backs and--FALLS

The TIDES come in and the TIDES go--OUT
for our --HEAVENLY-- FATHER --GOD----HE------knows in every detail, all, completely, elitely--- and--- defeatly --good--and--bad--, what we are all--ABOUT

As the TIDES come in and the TIDES  go out, the oceans of life can be --smooth --sailing--and--calm--relaxing--surf,---- and ---can---turn -to -turbulant-- --and---dangerously---ravenging---trecherous---and----GREAT
in our --LIFE-- LIVING--, and----LOVE----SEEK--to--do--ALL--things--with--kindness--love--and--RESPECT--always--with--LOVE--COMPLETE-and--never-hurt-harm-or-hate

The TIDES come in, and the TIDES. Go  out --every night and--DAY
stay FAITHFUL, --LOVING-LOVING-LOVING--PRAYERFUL--, humble --and --to --thine ---OWNSELF-- --ALWAYS-always-ALWAYs--stay-humble-LOVING-and-TRUE--in--each-and-in--EvERY-EVERY-EVERY----little-LITTLE-little--and--GOOD--GREAT--and--GRAND---WAY

By john d jungers
17th of SEPTEMBER 2017

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The tide goes out and the tides come in