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Sometimes rejections im just expecting
that disappointment again, to me will come and bring

Even though the BEST a person LOOKS to FIND and SEEK.
and to  FEEL  GREATER  and  BETTER  not worst and weak

After time and time
with set backs rejections put downs and no sunshine

Expecting rejections set back and disappointment
is just preparing for the worst and trying to vent

The BEST is what we all WISH HOPE and PRAY for
and to be disappointed, rejected set back and put down, we are just EXHAUSTED, worn out, and simply just dont want--NO--MORE

Rejections, set backs, and put downs have come so too often
and we HOPE things will CHANGE one day soon for the BEST BETTER and GREATER, but we just really dont know just--WHEN

By john d jungers
17th of september 2017

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Sometimes rejection im expecting