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Described by many as being able to do whatever you want whenever you want
That’s the concept of the United States
Saying and doing what you want when you want
Holding someone against their will
Holding them captive
So many things
can affect both
the first thought when thinking of both is this involves a human
what if it doesn’t
what if it’s a thing
A thing that holds people hostage
A thing that takes away so much freedom
A thing that can devastate a life
A thing that destroys things
A thing that only haunts
A thing that makes you terrified of everything
A thing that makes your mind run through the worst possible scenarios
A thing that makes you completely dependent on others
A thing that you don’t know what the hell is going on with you
A thing that terrifies you
A thing that makes you wonder when you wake up on the floor
The reason why you always an emergency room bag packed
The reason why going to the emergency room is just the normal
The reason why you can never feel normal
The reason why you are completely dependent and living with the parents
The reason why your scared to go to new places
The reason why you stick to where you know
The reason why you’re the only college student of your friends who can’t drive
The reason why if you want to get somewhere on your own
The two options are bike or public transportation
The reason why you don’t do anything
The reason why you always have to wear a medical ID bracelet
The reason that causes you to be way over tired
The reason why you only want to sleep
The reason why you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning
A battle
A battle every single day
A battle every moment of every day
A battle to stay strong
A battle that you can’t see until it happens
A battle you strive to fight
A battle you try not to give into
A battle you want to win
A battle that we must accept as our life
A battle that terrifies every person it affects
To be a ghost
To be a ghost in a body where you used to be present
To be a ghost where now lies emptiness
To be a ghost where there used to be emotion
To be a ghost where now there’s nothing
To be a ghost when you want to be present
To be a ghost when all you want is to be there
To be a ghost when everything relies on you to not be a ghost
A thing
The reason
A battle
A ghost
A single medical mystery

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