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No day like today, maybe some
Cat fishing by the light of the moon!!
Dough  ball, lawn chairs, and Coleman 
Lights, If I make my catch, it will be tonight..

There is a Great Granddaddy Cat fish in this pool of water
Not far away, I think he comes out to see it's not
Day, I caught him one  year and let him go, I didn't
Have the heart to not see him again after a season's

Just time and consideration comes it way, in the
Starlit night, as the sunshine of day.
Time past, it's time for my fishing gear, I haven't
Gone night fishing since last year.
All setup ready to wait, fresh dough ball, my bait..

The silence of the night put me to sleep
A tug on my pole, from the deep...........
My brother tapped on my back, he had
My catch, he brought him in, sure enough
It GreatGranddaddy again!

Put him back, try for another,  Hubby 
Jumps up and sets him free, I seen 
This fish look back at me.  Looks 
Like we try tomorrow, Bluegill is
In morning light, I lost my catch
But it was fun, and it was made

Same place, same time next year
We will meet again, my dear!

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Night Fishing, (GreatGranddaddy, Cat Fish)