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"Rich in Spirit"

There is nothing more Beautiful than the human spirit
We can let go of this physical world to be who we truly
Are meant to be, because when it is said and done, only
"He" will see.
Compassion I hear comes loud and clear, I was meant to
Be here...
Days come, and they go but when I close my eyes
my spirit will flow.
I am at ease for in my heart I believe in what is pure
In this life, is those who stand beside us in turmoil and 
A balance is when laughter is shared, for those who treat
Us with care...
Bottom or top, the caring doesn't stop, we have a beginning9
But I'm not sure of an end because we are promised a magnificent
Friend.  Oh I read my Bible, but I live it too, my choice was made as 
A child, when my playful side was a little wild. My Spirit's growth
Was never mild, but when the hour of the day is laid to rest,
I know I tried my best. I can honestly say, no gold or gems weigh
me down...  But "Rich in Spirit", is valued in any Town...
(Let love and peace find a place in your heart! This is where the
Healing Starts, even in times of pain, the love will arm the worth
Of life. There is much we can gain.)

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`Rich in Spirit`