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Night awakens to the creatures of Midnight's wonder
Soft rain falls to a whisper of thunder,  walking the distance
I find the enchantment of stars and Moon and the heartwarming
The song in a soothing tune...
Do  you hear the Owls in a low key,
Do you see their nest in the leaf barren tree?
The wonders of this night are everywhere
To see!  Hold this moment in a time of peace, until the night
Fades and cease
Now walking near the sand and foam, near the Sea, where Dolphins
Have their home.  The rhythm of the tide  brings a peace that speaks
Far and wide...
The water dances in a magical stride...

The moon shines bright, and cast its reflection, an epic glow, in all directions.
I see the hour slipping by, in this scenic starlit sky.
The sleeping day will rise so soon, and night will bid
Farewell, to the crescent moon ...

The Sea kissed air, warm and salty flair, a masterpiece
Beyond compare! 
Our footprints erased by the sweeping tide,
a cherished...
Moment while by your side.
The sighs and dwelling.
Where Love abides...

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The Sweeping Tide