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for Better Or For Worse

For Better Or For Wors
Its so hard to recognize the source of my dis-ease
As it surely feels outer forces, meaning the people
I draw to me, without fail bring me to my knees.

I have come to the conclusion being alone is one
Thing I do and know so well. And this thing called
Love seems more like a temporary bad spell.

When I say temporary thats exactly what I mean
Believing at first it must be love. soaring hand
In hand high up in the clouds above.

Oh how lovely, how grand, that is until They change
face. What once felt good gets replaced. The blame
and finger pointing, no sorry I will not participate.

Its sad to discover it was insecurities in loves place
There are some things a person can’t hide or fake
Its only a matter of time before everything is at stake.

How is one supposed to just let go when their
ill behavior is redundantly displayed? Account
ability isnt something they consider, Im afraid.

Been there done that. I used to say Oh thats okay
We all make mistakes. Soon enough one realizes they
Have had the wool covered over their eyes.

Perhaps it is me, in that I dont have the capacity
To stay present for the better or for worse, until
Death do we part ancient wedding verse.

I cant work with saying what you dont mean.
Throw tantrums, letting off spoiled brat steam
By the way they carry on that is what it seems.

Well hey do what you got to do, but this baby girl
Isnt nobodys fool, unfortunately for you I
Already graduated from kindergarten school.

As for love, that is something yet
To be born. Its been too misunderstood
And many hearts are scorned.

I see it all the time and hope one day
There will be an example to show
love between two, so we may know.

Love? can you define what that is?
After the definitions are in, ask yourself
Is this how my lifes been?

I honestly have to say I know the love that
Abides In me and find with others Love is
just another word for insecurities.

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for Better Or For Worse