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It was a crisp winter day, with a blizzard on the way
Schools were closed the kids were happy, in their 
Snow gear real snappy..
I have, many memories of that winter day, as I sat
And watched the children play...
Sliding down the hill on an old cardboard box, complaining
Of their frozen socks..
Boots and snowsuits at the door, Six pair of socks dripping
On the floor, after hot lunch they were ready for more.
Then that crisp day became momentarily still,
not one of the kids could I see on the Hill....
Skies went from blue to black, then came a blizzard
Attack... Blotting out the sky above,  a relentless snow
I'm talking of..
For hours the weather ripped and roared, a gust of snow falling
Like the sky tore..
I searched and my voice was In a panic, I kept calling..
Went back inside the house for a warmer coat, my gloves and hat.
At the table all six children sat.... Counting my blessings on that
Day long ago,  later I just spoke  obscenities at the snow..
Luckily  the children warm in their beds,  while my venting, and 
Torment was forced out of my head...  
Just swear at the snow, no one will know(?)
That was a day that I was thankful for,  no Blizzard have I seen
Since then greater.   However,
it could of been the reason......
Why my Hubby Calls me,
"The Snow Hater!"

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Snow Hater