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When we FEEL-negativity-we--gotta--FIGHT--the--NEGATIVITY--with--P-O-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-Y
the better and brighter more--POSITIVE, picture we have to, Focus on and --SEE

NEGATIVITY, can, get you--down
NEGATIVITY, can, slow you down, and cause sad, frown

NEGATIVITY, can knock you down and out
NEGATIVITY, can cause you to, pout, fight, and shout

we, set ourselves, HAPPY, and Care-FREE

When ---ever ---faced ---with,--- BAD, ---SAD, ---and ---UGLY----NEGATIVITY
let------POSITIVITY--P--O--S--I--T--I--V--I--T--Y--POSITIVITY------BE---your,---life,- living,- and--LOVE---LOVE--LOVE---REALITY

By john d jungers
21st- september 2017

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When we FEEL negativity, we have to FIGHT to beat it with POSITIVITY