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Some folks LOVE you and RESPECT you
and some folks hate you and disrespect you too

Some folks they treat you so GREAT and AWESOME
some folks treat you so bad with care condiderstion concern and compassion, of none

Some folks, they put you on a PEDESTAL, so. MIGHTY and   HIGH
some folks wish to hurt and harm you, trip you up and make you sigh

Some folks in you they RESPECT and ADMIRE you GREAT
some folks treat you hateful, ungrateful, degrading,  and. Irrate

Some folks with them you can do NO WRONG
with some folk, for you, kindness and decency just doesn't belong

With those who TRUST, and, RESPECT, you the very--MOST
APPRECIATE what you have, and show, APPRECIATION, to those, who --LOVE--you the MOST,and  HOLD,  them ---FOREVER----LOVINGLY--CLOSE

For them who treat you so bad and worse
for them simply we can--ONLY-- for -them----PRAY----with no more words to say or discuss in verse

Like night and day
People they treat us so differently --GOOD--and--bad--HAPPY--and--sad--in every which a way

By john d jungers
21st of september 2017

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Like night and day