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***Knowing How To......***

When we carry the weight of our realities
We may buckle or sway, but somehow we 
Manage from day to day.
All the joy, and Sorrows 
Of yesterdays, and tomorrows
Live strongly with heart, I'm
Hoping to continue to stand
Till the day my Maker takes me
By the hand.
If I Fall I will stand again tall, this is
The time we are gifted, I'm 
God's child I will be lifted.
All is possible through him, even
When the times are grim.....
My Mother, Father, before me
Gave me a sound start, I will
Always carry their love in my 
Heart... Life is precious filled
With bittersweet, the pain, the
The pleasure,  victory, defeat.
Knowing how to grieve, know 
How to believe...... 

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Knowing How To