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Let your HONESTY
be, and become--your--FOUNDATION--and--REALITY

Sometimes the TRUTH, is easier to--HIDE
when with others your complete--HONESTY--you do not wish to share and-ABIDE--usually, because of--self--PRIDE

But their are many reasons the --TRUTH-- of the matter we KEEP to OURSELF  PRIVATE -- and --UNSHARED
most especially with some folks when we told them the complete --TRUTH--they will put us DOWN with HURTv and SHAME , as --they---DONT-- --CARE

A person will be --one-hundred-percent--tRUTHFUL----COMPLETE
only with others who they ---TRUST---- and ----LOVE,---- GREAT-great-GREAT-----and------ELITE

The --TRUTH-- will --always -ALWAYS-always--come out in the --end --ANYWAY
no --matter --what --you --do -- or--don't--do--and----SAY

But sometimes folks they may just need some --PRIVATE-- TIME--- to --REFLECT-- MEDITATE--and --PRAY-pray-PRAY
before to any others the--- WHOLE --TRUTH-- and ---NOTHING-- but  --the ---WHOLE-- -TRUTH-- they -are --READY --to  --SHARE  --and----SAY--in--EVERY-WAY

By john d jungers

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