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TEMPTATION to do what you know, that you are not suppose to do
affects us everyday, in every way, too

The --TEMPTATION--, to talk on your phone when driving your automobile
if caught will result in a big fine and a dangerous big deal

But talking and texing we all try to very hidingly and carefully and on the watch --sneak--peak--do
its something we all need to cease and quit for safety--sakes--too

The --TEMPTATION--, of in school, cheating on test
or just  marking down, any answer on a multiple choice test and hope the right,  answer you-- guessed

TEMPTATION--, as a --TEEN-- to go  the --WRONG--PATH-- with the --WRONG-- friends down the --WRONG------ROAD----and-- WAY
TEMPTATION--of--a-- TEEN--, arguing, and not listening to anything, but complaining about the unfair rules with everything, and-becoming-- arrogant, , mean-- spirited-- and-know it all,  and from your family when you know you are, doing so --WRONG----argue-and---PUSH-push-PUSH--and-create-space-and-avoidance-and-silence---so-you-can-do--WRONG--and--push--away

TEMPTATION-- to BREAK--and--BEND--each--and-- every--RULE
And then, one day, when you grow up,you will realize that you were, --A--selfish-SELFISH-selfish----FOOL

The pressure and--TEMPTATIONS--that--kids--  have to face in--SCHOOL
to be --IN--the --IN--crowd, ----ACT-COOL---, and BREAK, and  BEND   every--a--RULE

from baby, to toddler ,to pre-school, to teens, to adult to elderly, and senior-citizen--TEMPTATIONS--since the day we were born, are there and we need to meet and defeat, and --the--TEMPTATIONS-to-do-the--WRONG--thing,--the--RIGHT--THING--and--CHOICE--be--WON

By john d jungers
21st of september 2017

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